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    If you’re looking for a freight forwarder to help you manage shipments between China and other ports around the world, we’re here to help. We can arrange sea freight shipping from China no matter in FCL (full container load), LCL (less than container load), and consolidation services at affordable rates.

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    We also offer air freight shipping, which may be faster than sea freight when time is of the essence. In addition to standard air freight, we can arrange express delivery services from China to most major ports around the globe.

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    Land freight trucking services for your shipments, we can arrange for a truck to pick up your goods from your warehouse and deliver it directly to its destination for unloading. This service is especially helpful when there are multiple stops along a delivery route or if you need a dedicated truck driver or crew with specialized cargo handling skills.

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    OOG Project Group is a division of Weining Freight that organizes and executes project logistics throughout China—specifically for oversized or out of gauge loads. Our years of experience make us well-equipped to design creative solutions for your freight that requires dimensional flexibility or does not fit within a standard truck trailer